Finally, a Clothing Brand for Us.

Throughout my time creating selling my art as prints, I've been tunnel vision with my goals- to help inspire the next generation of Jewish people to feel empowered, connect to their culture, and to take back control of our own narrative.

I've been asked several times if I was going to print shirts with my designs on them. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to at some point, but I wanted to do it differently. I didn't want to just put my art on a shirt and say "Okay, here is my art, but now it's on a shirt." I wanted to do something special, and push boundaries of what a Jewish brand could be- and how Jews can identify with a brand that's uniquely deisgned for them.

That led me to create Woz Threads- a brand that does not shy away from its Jewishness, but rather embraces it and wears it proudly on its sleeve. This is a brand uniquely by us, and uniquely for us.

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How Do Seasons Work?

Well, first there's Spring, then Winter, then... oh wait, not those seasons. I'm talking about Seasons in which we drop a specific amount of new shirt designs. The start of each season will begin with a release of 3 premier shirts. Then, throughout the remainder of the season, which usually lasts between one to three months, I'll slowly release three more- culminating in a total of six unique drops per season.

Why The Price Point?

For my drops, I sell soft, thick quality tees for $35, and my thicker, vintage shirts for $40. This price point not only reflects the quality of the shirts, but also reflects the care in choosing a sustainable and ethical clothing brand. None of our production is outsourced to other countries, everything is made in America, by very good friends of ours here in California. Having a location in which we can regularly visit, see everyone face to face, regulate the production process, and ensure the highest quality of the shirts was extremely important to the ethics of the brand.

While other brands may offer cheaper shirts, their qualities often suffer as a result- or they have outsourced their labor to sweatshops abroad with extremely poor working conditions in the name of fast fashion and higher profit margins. Sustainablity and Ethical values are the heartbeat of Woz Threads, and are the core values of our production. Our goal is to get a Woz Threads garment into the wardrobe of every Jew, and because of this, we chose a price which is affordable, yet allows us to ensire quality and sustainability.

Refund Policy

Refunds are allowed within 5 days of recieving product if there is an error on our end regarding the incorrect order size, the wrong order, or a damaged order. We do not accept returned packages. For most cases, it's the best best to utilize the contact form to write to me- I always get to each and every email and treat every case with its own care and context.

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