Before You Write....

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions.

"I ordered my shirt four days ago- why hasn't it shipped?"

Since every single Woz Threads garment is made to order, we require about 7 business days turnaround time for each order before they are shipped out. We use sustainable and ethical labor to produce the products- which is why we might need a little extra time to make your order from scratch.

"What Size Should I Get? Is There a Size Guide?"

Ah, a classic dillema for all online stores. Luckily, we do have a size guide for our garments. If you visit the "apparel" tab and scroll to the bottom, a handy size guide will be there. All garments are unisex.

"Can I Change Sizes After I Order?"

You can contact me for a size change request within 3 days of placing the order. This ensures that we're able to keep up with your change and can honor your request to change sizes.

"Can I Return My Shirt?"

Refunds are allowed within 5 days of recieving product if there is an error on our end regarding the incorrect order size, the wrong order, or a damaged order.

"I ordered a print and a shirt- but I only got one! Where's the other?"

No need to fret! I ship my shirts and my prints separately to protect the integrity of the prints. You most likely will end up recieving both at different times due to turnaround times for the prints versus the shirts. I do everything in my power to get your orders out as soon as possible!

Canadian Customer Duty Fees Warning

Due to high duty fees on packages shipping from the US to Canada, Canadian customers will likely be charged shipping and futy fees upon the arriva of their packages. I've worked to avoid this, but it is unfortunately completely out of my control. I am not notified or responsible for paying duty fees.

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